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 Polyvinyl Alcohol

BouLing Chemical Co., Limited was established in the year 1982. Since its birth its name and aim has become synonymous with high quality and services. Covering an area of 1.7 million square meters, the company possesses total assets of about RMB 1 billion and more than 600 employees. Its annual production capacity of main products: 60,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH),60,000 tons of calcium carbide, 90,000 tons of vinyl acetate, and 100,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol fiber including Water Soluble PVA Fiber, High Strength & Modulus PVA Fiber. Among those, the leading product polyvinyl alcohol has won the only National Best Silver Medal Award of similar products.

Since its establishment, the market-oriented company has actively taken the road of developing the enterprise through science and technology, successively introduced advanced technology and equipment from abroad...

polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA

polyvinyl alcohol fiber

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber

Calcium carbide

Calcium Carbide

Vinyl acetate

Vinyl Acetate