Product Name: Polyvinyl acetate
Synonyms: Vinyl Acetate Latex; White latex; Vinyl Acetate Resin; Polyvinyl acetate latex
Formula: C4H6O2
Molecular Weight: 86.0892

Physical Properties:

Polyvinyl acetate belongs to high polymer, use the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as protective colloid, with vinyl acetate、acrylic copolymer as main raw materials. Non-toxic, no smell, harmless to human body. Quick drying, strong adhesion, antifreeze performance is specially strong, good resistance to water. Apply to furniture manufacture industry and decoration industry. Have strong adhesive force to fiber board, decorative board, wood and so on. Also can apply in paper products, textile, printing, dyeing, and building area. It can be directly bonded, natural drying or heating drying.

Main use:
Polyvinyl acetate is used in adhesion of furniture, wood, plywood, paper bag, paper tube, card board, aluminium-foil paper, cigarette, leather, pencil. It isalso used in textile processing and garment processing, basic emulsion for coating.

In 0.5/2/5/10/ 20kg plastic pail or as the clients’ request.

It should be stored in dry, ventilated place. Avoid rain and direct sunlight.