We are the professional supplier that specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and supply PVA fibers (polyvinyl alcohol Fiber ).
With the strong R&D capability and production capacity, our company has developed high-tech PVA fiber which is widely used in Textile, Construction and Paper industry. In recently years, we have researched and designed series PVAfiber.
1)Water soluble cutting PVA fiber used in wool spinning, nonwoven fabric, and papermaking and battery diaphragm.
2)High strength & modulus PVA fiber used in various kinds of construction materials with its anti-crack and anti-infiltration properties.

Water-Soluble-Cutting-PVA-Fiber          High-strength-modulus-PVA-fiber
Water soluble cutting PVA fiber         High strength & modulus PVA fiber

Water soluble cutting fiber Specifications:

Water soluble PVA cutting fiber

20 degree PVA

water soluble


40 degree PVA water soluble fiber

60 degree PVA

water soluble


70 degree PVA water soluble


80 degree PVA water soluble fiber

90degree PVA water soluble fiber

1.44dtex x 44mm, 1.56dtex x 38mm, 1.56dtex×35mm ,1.56dtex x 4mm,
2.0dtex x 38mm, 1.56 denier x 8 mm, 2.0dtex*12mm,2.2dtex×4mm and so on.


High strength & modulus PVA fiber specifications:

High strength and high modulus PVA fiber

HSHM PVA fiber Type 1

HSHM PVA fiber Type 2

  Cut length: 5mm, 6mm or as customer special request with the minimum order.