Water soluble PVA fiber is also called Water-soluble PVA short cutting fiber. It is obtained by subjecting to the conventional dry or wet spinning process, a solution prepared by adding to a polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution, an adduct composed of a polyamide condensation product and 1-halogen-2,3-epoxy propane or ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether in the range from 5 to 50 percent by weight based upon the polyvinyl alcohol.
At present, we could supply PVA fiber with various specifications (1.56dtex x 38mm, 1.56dtex×35mm, 1.56dtex x 4mm, 2.0dtex x 38mm, 1.56 denier x 8 mm.etc.) and different dissolving degree (20℃/40℃/70℃/80℃/90℃).




Density deviation rate (%)



Length deviation rate (%)



Soluble temperature(℃)



Dry breaking tenacity(CN/DTEX)






Mirabilite contents (%)



Non-soluble water (%)



We also could produce the fiber according to customers’ special request.

Our fiber1.56dtex*38mm (80/90 degree) is widely used in nonwoven fabric in Textile industry. It enjoys great popularity for its great performance in many countries (Our home market/India/Thailand/ Vietnam/Columbia) that have prosperous Textile industry.
1) Water soluble PVA fiber can be used to produce water-soluble non-woven fabric which is thinner, bulker and softer.
2) The PVA fiber could produce papers exhibiting excellent wet strength.
3) It can also be applied in battery diaphragm.
4) Water-soluble PVA fiber in the textile spinning process of application can increase the count to improve the uniformity and sizing spun untwisted yarn.
5) It also can be used as sanitary napkins, diapers and other medical treatments.
6) It also can be used for sugar beet breeding, cultivation of crops and fruit trees cover.
Storage and transport:

It should be avoid moisture .The warehouse and package should be moisture-proof, water-proof, fireproofing, and pay attention to proper ventilation.