Chemical Name: VAE EmulsionVinyl acetate–ethylene copolymer emulsion

CAS NO.: 24937-78-8

VAE Emulsion is an abbreviation for vinyl acetate–ethylene copolymer emulsion, which is a macromolecular emulsion, copolymerized by the high pressure emulsion polymerization method, after addition of emulsifier and initiator, with the vinyl acetate and vinyl monomer as the basic raw materials. VAE Emulsion is milk white or slight yellow in appearance.

Vinyl acetate–ethylene copolymer is an important product in the vinyl copolymer, generally in an emulsion state with its vinyl acetate content within a range of 70%~95%, and called as VAE Emulsion.

VAE Emulsion Properties:

VAE Emulsion is a non-plasticized milky white copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. After evaporation of its water content,VAE 520 forms a flexible film with best adhesive properties for broad applications.

Product Solid content(%) Viscosity(mpa.s) Residue monomer(%) PH value Tg(℃)
VAE B503 48.0-52.0 50-200 ≤0.3 4.0-7.0 25~30
VAE B520 ≥55.0 1500-2500 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -3~5
VAE B530 ≥55.0 2500-3500 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -3~5
VAE B540 ≥55.0 3500-4500 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -3~5
VAE B620 ≥60.0 3500-4500 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -3~5
VAEB521 ≥55.0 2000-3000 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -15~-5
VAEB529 ≥55.0 1500-2500 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -20~-10
VAEB612 ≥60.0 1000-2000 ≤0.3 4.5-6.5 -25~-15
VAEB500 ≥49.0 10-100 ≤0.3 5.0-8.0 -5~5
VAEB502 ≥49.0 10-100 ≤0.3 5.0-8.0 15~25
VAEB628 ≥60.0 500-4000 ≤0.1 5.0-7.0 10~20
VAEB688 ≥60.0 500-2500 ≤0.1 5.0-7.0 -15~-5
VAEB777 ≥55.0 1000-4000 ≤0.3 5.0-7.0 -5~5
VAEB779 ≥55.0 2500-4000 ≤0.3 5.0-7.0 -5~5



1)VAE Emulsion is used as general adhesive for packaging, bookbinding, and bonding for plastic films, coated papers.

2)VAE Emulsion is broadly used as a particularly suitable base emulsion for theformulation of adhesives for difficult substrates, such as lacquered surfaces, foils and plastic films in the packaging and paper industry.

3)VAE Emulsion is also an excellent base emulsion for floor-, wall- or ceiling adhesives.It shows good resistance against aging, light or saponification. As a result, the durability of your products could be enhanced with usage of VAE and suitable applicative industrial formulations. Besides, VAE Emulsion is very friendly product for environment.

4)VAE Emulsion can be good compatibility with different tackifiers, plasticizers, solvents and extenders .


VAE Emulsion In 50KG per drum or 1000KG IBC drum.

Storage:VAE should be stored in sheltered areas at temperatures by its own TG te,[erature,do never store under freezing conditions.