Polyvinyl alcohol PVA 217 (Polyvinyl Alcohol 217) is a synthetic polymer, often referred to simply as PVA. It is a polymer formed by the polymerization of vinyl alcohol monomers. PVA is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic polymer material with good solubility in water but insoluble in organic solvents.

PVA 217 is a polyvinyl alcohol with a high degree of polymerization, which determines the molecular weight and also affects its performance. PVA has a wide range of applications in industry and everyday life, some of the main applications include:

  1. Packaging film and bag: Since PVA dissolves in water, it can be made into a soluble packaging film, which is suitable for one-time packaging, such as laundry bags for washing machines.
  2. Adhesive: After PVA is dissolved in water, it can be used as glue or adhesive for bonding paper, wood and other materials.
  3. Medical application: PVA is used as a stent and sustained-release agent in the medical field, such as drug sustained-release tablets.
  4. Textiles: PVA can be used as a slurry for textiles to improve the strength and softness of fibers.
  5. 3D printing: PVA can also be used in 3D printing as a support material because it is soluble in water and compatible with other materials.