Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA is a sort of water —soluble macromolecule polymer.It has innocuity and biodegradation excellent performance ,and completely accord with modern society requirement to environment —protection product. Its water solution has good agglutinating value and film formation ;it could resist most of organic solvent such as oil,lube ,and hydrocarbon on ;it possesses chemical property such as etherify ,a etherify ,and contact Alde Hyde .It mainly used to manufacturing PVB ,oil —p roof pipe ,and Vinyl on fibred ;it also used as ad save for temporary protection fin and leather ,and use as glue feed for binding etc .China has already become maxim al P VA production capacity ,yield ,and consumption country .PVA production is almost balance account for world gross about 50 %
Due to PVA excellent performance, is currently widely used in pharmaceutical preparations, with good results, mainly used in the following aspects:
1 ) as a release agent layer forming material ;
2 ) used as the matrix in Papua paste ;
3 ) as the matrix used in gel formulations ;
4 ) as the binder system of tablets , matrix material and the drug-loaded microspheres or microcapsules or dispersion medium containing porogen.

U.S. PVA market
In recent years, changes in alcohol consumption in general are not particularly large. , In 2009 consumption was l2.20 million tons, accounting for the world’s total consumption of polyvinyl alcohol 11.58%, representing a decrease of approximately 13.47%, of which PVB on polyvinyl alcohol consumption was 41,000 tons / year, accounting for 33.61 percent of total consumption is expected 2009-2014 polyvinyl alcohol consumption in the United States will average growth rate of approximately 4.90% to the total consumption in 2014 will reach about l5.50 million tons. PVB which average annual growth rate of demand for polyvinyl maximum will reach about 10.65% , followed by adhesives, demand will reach an annual growth rate of approximately 2.90 %, while in terms of textile pulp but the demand will average about 1.75 % of the speed reduction

China PVA market
China has become the world’s largest PVA production capacity and output, but also the largest consumption country, production of about 520 000 t / a, the basic balance demand, accounting for about 50% of the world total. But the current production of varieties is relatively simple, the majority of ordinary viscosity and alcohol sis of conventional products, mainly used in construction adhesives, low-grade textile pulp and other fields.
Currently particularly high or particularly low degree , low degree of alcohol sis fine and special varieties of high production technology no major breakthrough , such products market is dominated by Japan , the United States and other manufacturers possession. China’s economic development for the PVA new product development to provide a broad space for development. According to statistics, in 2007 PVA National Statistics actual production was 500,000 t, but the annual import volume is still about 40,000 t , while imports are high in this part of PVA fine and specialty products , expensive , lucrative one . Polyvinyl alcohol consumption since 2012 the situation is more optimistic. A long time in China’s economy will maintain rapid development ask the backdrop , PVA demand will maintain steady growth.