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Polyvinyl Alcohol fiber

High strength & modulus PVA fiber

High strength & modulus PVA fiber is good as a reinforcing cement material for its high modulus, high strength, anti-crack and anti-infiltration characters. It is a good substitution product for asbestos to reinforce the cement products as the recent worldwide restriction. It has high performance of acid & alkali resistance and a low damage in the long-time environment of acid & alkali. With good dispersibility, it can desperate easily in water.
There are two types of High strength & modulus PVA fiber we producing cold applied in construction materials, such as cement reinforcing, insulation board and so on. It could also used in making high strength fishing meshes, cables, safety nets.


Type 1

Type 2







Elongation (%)

≤7.5 max

≤7 max

Modulus(0.1-0.4%)( CN /dtex)



Hot water solubility (90℃,1hr)( %)






Cut Length(mm)

5, 6

5, 6

1) Replacement of asbestos and manufacture the asbestos cement products.
2) As the non asbestos material for heat and attrition resistance, plastic and rubber reinforcement.
3) Making high strength fishing meshes, cables, safety nets.
4) Make the light wallboard, insulation board and other building material.

5) Making the sprayed concrete, such as tunnel, mine, culvert and side slope.