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Calcium Carbide

Calcium Carbide

Calcium carbide is produced industrially in an electric arc furnace from a mixture of lime and coke at approximately 2000 °C. Calcium carbide is lumpy substance, its surface is a little deep gray, has slight nasty smell. It can produce acetylene gas when met water, it can burn when met fire.

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Product Name: Calcium Carbide
Cas No: 75-20-7
Molecular Formula: C2H2Ca
Molecular Weight: 64.10

Particle Size: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 4-7mm, 7-15mm, 15-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-80mm, 70-100mm, 80-120mm, 120-250mm, etc
Gas Yield: 305 l/kg, 295 l/kg, 285 l/kg, 275l/kg, 240 l/kg, 220 l/kg, etc




Grey to brown lumpish solid

Gas yield


Particle size


H2S Content

< 0.1%

PH3 Content

< 0.06%


50kg/100kg/200kg/250kg per Iron drum

Mainly used as materials to produce Acetylene Gas, Chloroprene Rubber, Calcium Cyanamide,

Acetate Acid, Trichloroethylene and be as remover of Sulfur in steel industry and metal bonding and cutting, etc.


Calcium carbide Calcium carbide Calcium carbide Calcium carbide
50KG 50KG 100KG 250KG